Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Don't be hating!

I was sitting in traffic today on my way to work, major crash on I-84 Westbound in the East Hartford Area, just in case you didn’t know, and saw this car in the lane next to me. This driver covered his car in bumper stickers, almost all of them anti-Bush or anti-republican. Other than the relevance of most of the stickers is in question, the mindset still prevails. I think this person has had such hatred towards the Bush administration; he would have elected anyone proclaiming to be anything but a republican in heartbeat. The scariest part is that there are more like this person. I’m talking of people who have such hatred for the “other side”, that they can’t see the forest for the trees.

What struck me as I sat there is no way this person would be able to consider a possible solution to any problem that cam up. As long as a republican didn’t think of it, it must be a good idea. Unfortunately, these are the type of people who are the ones that beat a good idea into the ground, and are willing to follow unquestionably the ideas of someone who is “not Bush”. This means that if anyone questions the current administration, then that person in bad and evil. They have become what they said the previous administration was doing, ignoring free speech and thought.

This person irked me. Not because he was anti-Bush or anti-republican, but because he would the first person to support a policy that would lead to disaster, and not be able to see what’s coming. This person has taken a long and drawn out sip of the Kool-aide. These are the people we need to counter with logic and make ineffective with the strength of our argument. They will only respond with contradiction, not a valid argument.

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