Thursday, December 10, 2009

What is peace

What is peace?

We can pass the peace

There’s Rest in Peace

There’s Peace of mind

We can go in peace

And we can wish the peace be with you


War is not peace.

There’s war and peace

There’s make love not war

But peace isn’t love

Being at peace doesn’t preclude love

Does not war ensure peace in the end?

The dove of peace is not a bird

Do birds live in peace?

Birds are birds, and birds do what birds want to do

They don’t know what peace is

The dove of peace is a state of mind

So, what is peace?

Freedom from oppression?

Freedom of expression?

Freedom of choice?

Freedom of voice?

These are freedoms enjoyed,

But they aren’t peace

Peace is rest

Being secure in knowing that all is well

You don’t need to worry

I will ensure your peace for tonight.

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